SignalTechBD Ltd offer commitment at all levels of building project, from preparing for construction to construction management services. For years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services. We provide 7 X 24 Hr. service all over Bangladesh for various Electrical, Mechanical and Automation related System & Products at Telecom, Multinational, Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous and Private Sector. Some of our service fields are listed below-

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Diesel Patrol and also gas generator. Also supply silent canopy

ATS, fuel tank etc.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Fire Fighting System-Fire Detection & Alarm System, Fire

Hydrant & Sprinkler System, Auto Gas Suppression System (Inergen, FM-200, CO2, Pyrogen etc.).

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance CCTV, IP Camera System, PA System, Time Control & Time

Attendance Managements Systems etc.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance, Refueling of Diesel & Petrol generator.
  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Sub-station, LT/HT Switchgear, PFI Plant, MDB, SDB and

General Electrical items etc.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR), UPS, IPS, Isolation

Transformer etc.

  • Installation, Service, Maintenance of Solar System.

We have a lot of safety equipment like safety shoe, Belt, Helmet etc. and we always maintain safety rules. We always maintain safety rules. We use First Aid Box in any installation type work. Which i nclude savlon, bandage, cottons, seizer etc. In workshop our employee uses black sun glass when welding any metal equipment. And also maintain a safe distance from welding spark.

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